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Geraldton is on the coast in the Mid West region of Western Australia and is located 424 kilometres north of Perth. At June 2015, Geraldton had an estimated urban population of 39,825. The City of Greater Geraldton, also incorporates the town of Mullewa and large rural areas previously forming the shires of Greenough and Mullewa. The Port of Geraldton is a major west coast seaport and is an important service and logistics centre for regional mining, fishing, wheat, sheep and tourism industries. The major exports from the Geraldton port are iron ore, grain, mineral sands, copper concentrate, zinc concentrate, nickel concentrate and livestock large volumes of petroleum products are imported.

Geraldton has seen high population growth over the past 10 years, which is not surprising considering its enviable outdoors lifestyle, endless beaches and warm climate. The rainfall in Geraldton however, is only 442mm per year and 164 average days of sun, which means that the community needs to be very conscious of their use of water.

The Water Corporation has previously worked with communities in Dongara, Geraldton and Exmouth to change water use behaviours through Waterwise Programs delivered to the community, schools and local government associations. This includes retrofitting inefficient appliances for residential and non-residential customers, and leak repairs.

Water is no longer the freely available commodity that has been in the past,  for the local community to ensure ongoing water supply security for residential, rural and commercial needs, it will be increasingly important to invest in water harvesting and storage infrastructure.

If you would like to increase your water storage capacity for your business or provide a domestic supply for your home, Heritage Water Tanks can offer high-quality water tanks for all your water harvesting and storage needs. Ask us about our water saving gutter technology. Call 1800 115 552.

Port De Geraldton

Why are our tanks suited to Western Australia?

#1 - Heritage Water Tanks catch more rain

It is predicted that Western Australia will experience the effects of climate change through more variable seasons and reduced rainfall in years to come. With this in mind, people living in Busselton will need to be more mindful about water security and water storage solutions. This is why Heritage Water Tank's unique gutter system is more important than ever. With our rainwater collection system, which collects water from the roof of your tank, you can save up to 22% of your tank's volume in additional water each year. Our unique gutter system also prevents scouring around the base of your tank in high rainfall areas, as almost all of the runoff from the roof of your tank is collected back inside the tank.

Patent 2009208055A1

#2 - Heritage Water Tanks are Built TUFF

With increasingly frequent extreme weather events predicted in the future, the need for a tank that can withstand the elements is vital. Our water tank walls are made from the proven, highly corrosion resistant ZINCALUME® G300, alloy coated, structural steel.

#3 - Heritage Water Tanks Multi-Layer Liner

Our food grade tank liners are fabricated with a unique multi-layer construction which offers great durability, flexibility and strength. As one of the most critical components of a water tank, they ensure that your water stays fresh, taste-free and protected from contaminants.

Water Tank Sizes & Capacities

Choosing the right tank for your needs should not be a difficult task. Use our RAINWATER HARVEST CALCULATOR to see how much water you can collect from the surface of your house and any sheds you plan to collect water from. Most households with 4 people use around 240,000kL per year for general household use. If you have more people in your household or if you have a large garden, you may need more storage.

CorrugatedHeight    DiameterLitres
StreamlineHeight    DiameterLitres
HGT 552.31m5.49m54,682
HGT 752.31m6.26m71,097
HGT 902.31m7.06m90,430
HGT 1102.31m7.84m111,515
HGT 1352.31m8.63m135,121
HGT 1602.31m9.41m160,650
HGT 1882.31m10.18m188,017
HGT 2202.31m10.99m219,128
HGT 2502.31m11.77m251,336
HGT 2852.31m12.55m285,752
HGT 3753.45m11.77m375,372

The information in the table above is approximate and may vary slightly.


Choice of Profile

Heritage Water Tanks is the only Australian manufacturer to offer a choice of streamline or corrugate profiles.

Understanding that people like choice, we've introduced a new corrugated tank that offers an iconic Australian look, with all the benefits of superior quality and innovative features.

Choice of Colour

Heritage Water Tanks offers you a wide range of COLORBOND® colour options and the always popular ZINCALUME® for your water tank walls.

Heritage Water Tanks Colour Swatch

The COLORBOND® steel colours shown here have been reproduced to represent actual product colours as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing as varying light conditions and limitations of the printing process may affect colour tones. COLORBOND®, BlueScope and ® colour names are registered trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited.™ colour names are trade marks of BlueScope Steel Limited.

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