Preparing your site

When the big day for the delivery of your new tank has arrived, be sure to follow the Pad Preparation Guide. This will ensure that you don't have any delays on the day of installation.

Before Installation

  • Prepare a sand pad 2 metres larger in diameter than that of the chosen tank (4 meters larger for HGT375). The pad must be at least 150mm deep,and free of vegetation, tree roots,etc, must be totally removed with no possibility of growing back.
  • Ensure sub soil has adequate compaction (minimum 50 kpa).The preferred base material is free draining sand, level over the entire area (to within approximately 10mm) and free of any sharp objects, clay lumps, stones etc. (the pad must be as good as screened sand, crusher dust is also acceptable at 5mm or less). Important: the sand pad must be level - please double check.
  • If the site has been cut into an incline and filled to form the base of the tank, ensure that there is adequate compaction (to a minimum allowable capacity of 50kPa) of the sub soil to avoid subsidence. Adequate drainage must be installed to divert water run of away from the tank.
  • Pad preparation must meet these standards. If it is necessary for our installers to leave the site and reschedule a new installation date due to the site not being properly prepared, this will incur a charge for travel, accommodation (if necessary and wages, which will be charged by the installers.

On the day of Installation

  • 100mm of water must be supplied by the purchaser to be placed in the tank (350mm for 3 ring tanks). This must happen on the day of installation to secure the liner and stop it from any future movement (if no water is supplied this will void your warranty). In high wind areas 200mm of water is required (500mm for 3 ring tanks)
  • If prior arrangement of the placement of the fittings has not been made then someone will need to be avaiable on site to advise where the fittings need to be placed on the tank.
  • Full payment for the tank and our services must be made on the day of installation.

After installation is complete

  • 75mm thick x 400mm of Blue Metal or Crushed Rock (3/4 or 20mm) must be placed around the total circumference of the base of the tank. This is designed to stop erosion from water run off or strong winds. (If no Blue Metal is placed around the tank this will void your warranty). Please see back of page for volumes of blue metal/crushed rock needed.
  • Inspection hatches must be locked (lock to be supplied by purchaser). Unauthorized entry into the tank is prohibited.

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