Heritage Water Tanks Victorian Distributor

Total Tanks Victoria has been the Distributor for  Heritage Water Tanks for over 10 years. They are an Australian family owned and operated business and employ local installation teams throughout Victoria.

Total Tanks Victoria has evolved from an Agricultural based business and started operating with Heritage Tanks back in 2006.

Initially approached by a close friend regarding an opportunity to look at installing water tanks, following a trip to Western Australia building dairy facilities.

After some deliberation and with the foresight that there was definitely a need in the rural sector for a larger tank option as an alternative to the poly tank market, they set about putting a team together to help Heritage Tanks establish throughout all areas of Vic and Southern NSW.

The first tank was built as a display at Henty Field Days in 2006, from this point forward, attendance at as many field days as possible began to create a market share for Heritage Tanks. This began with the very first tank purchase at the Elmore Field Days 2006, built at Arcadia just out of Shepparton Vic.

For three years Ross and Prue, along with their dedicated team of installers, travelled all over Victoria and NSW installing rainwater tanks. It was a long haul for the first 2 years establishing the brand, however, the quality of the product and installations influenced positive word of mouth.

Through a period of continued drought, the education of the community regarding the benefits of investing in larger water tanks was taken on board by more and more, with many rural and small lifestyle property owners understanding the value of water and the need to collect it.

Very quickly, this agricultural based Company evolved into Total Tanks Victoria and now solely looks after the distribution of Heritage Water Tanks throughout Victoria and have established a strong network of individual teams to assist with installing an ever increasing volume of tanks.

Total Tanks Victoria prides itself today on the distribution and installation network, available from Albury NSW, to Griffith NSW, Warrnambool Vic and all the way out to the SA Border and most areas in Gippsland.

We have high expectations for the quality of workmanship that each team provides its clients within their specific regions and are convinced that it is because we have such dedicated, capable and forward thinking Installation Teams, that Total Tanks is able to provide such an outstanding experience for those who choose to purchase a Heritage Water Tank. Our installers local knowledge is excellent and they are an exemplary representation of Heritage Water Tanks itself.

Now with both Corrugated or Streamline options
corrugated and Streamline water tank

Servicing all areas in Victoria

Heritage Water Tanks’ Premium Rural range is designed to suit any application in the domestic market

Heritage Water Tanks proudly supplies premium quality steel water tanks for residential and commercial markets throughout Victoria. We offer domestic and rural tanks in sizes ranging from 27,000L to 353,000L. As part of our quality promise, we offer a 20-year Pro-Rata Warranty on all of our water tanks.

We operate in all regions in Victoria and we have an extensive network of installers, who will make every effort to service your area.

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