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Heritage Water Tanks offers a wide range of sizes and capacities in both Streamline and Corrugated wall profiles, including tanks from 17,000L, all the way through to our larger rainwater tanks of up to 375,000L. If you have the need for a tank with custom dimensions, please contact us to discuss your requirements on 1800 115 552.

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Corrugated Height     Diameter Litres
CT4 2.27m 3.13m 17,466
CT6 2.27m 3.92m 27,396
CT9 2.27m 4.70m 39,383
CT12 2.27m 5.49m 53,735
CT15 2.27m 6.26m 69,866
CT20 2.27m 7.06m 88,864
CT25 2.27m 7.84m 109,584
CT30 2.27m 8.63m 132,781
CT35 2.27m 9.41m 157,868
CT41 2.27m 10.18m 184,761
CT48 2.27m 10.99m 215,333
CT54 2.27m 11.77m 246,984
CT60 2.27m 12.55m 280,804
CT70 2.27m 13.31m 315,843
CT80 2.27m 14.09m 353,947

The information in the table above is approximate and may vary slightly.


Streamline Height     Diameter Litres
HGT 55 2.31m 5.49m 54,682
HGT 75 2.31m 6.26m 71,097
HGT 90 2.31m 7.06m 90,430
HGT 110 2.31m 7.84m 111,515
HGT 135 2.31m 8.63m 135,121
HGT 160 2.31m 9.41m 160,650
HGT 188 2.31m 10.18m 188,017
HGT 220 2.31m 10.99m 219,128
HGT 250 2.31m 11.77m 251,336
HGT 285 2.31m 12.55m 285,752
HGT 375 3.45m 11.77m 375,372

The information in the table above is approximate and may vary slightly.

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