How to prepare the site for your water tank

We want everything to go smoothly on the day that your tank is installed. You can ensure that this is the case by following our guide to how to prepare your site below. If a contractor is preparing the site for you, please make sure that they are aware of the requirements in our Pad Preparation Guide.

  1. Before spreading sand over the excavated area, mark the pad diameter and also the tank diameter. Remember that if your tank is three rings high, you will need to be 4 metres larger for a three-ring tank or a HGT375.
  2. Once the sand is spread, use a Laser Level to find and mark the level points around the outside of the pad to get a starting point.
  3. Before screeding, re-mark the outside pad diameter and the inside tank diameter.
  4. Screed a small section using the marked-out level points.
  5. Screed a second small section, approximately a screed-width apart from the first.
  6. Now screed level between these two sections.
  7. Then screed back towards the centre.
  8. Continue screeding in sections to marked level points in this manner and pay particular attention to the tank diameter area.
  9. More sand may be needed if sand is too thin around the outside edge of your pad. Your pad must have a 150mm depth from a minimum of 1m from the tank diameter line.
  10. Do a final check of levels around the tank diameter.

Pad Preparation Video

Water for your tank on the day of installation.

You will need to provide 100mm of water into the tank (350mm for 3 ring tanks) on the day of installation. This is to secure the liner and stop it from any future movement (If no water is supplied this will void your warranty). In high wind areas 200mm of water is required (500mm for 3 ring).

Please see our Pad Preparation Guide for more information about preparing your tank site. Please ensure that your pad is prepared correctly, otherwise an additional fee may apply. If you are unsure about anything, please be sure to contact one of our advisors on 1800 155 552.

  • 75mm thick x 400mm of Blue Metal or Crushed Rock (3/4 or 20mm) must be placed around the total circumference of the base of the tank. This is designed to stop erosion from water run off or strong winds. (If no Blue Metal is placed around the tank this will void your warranty). Please see back of Pad Preparation Guide for volumes of blue metal/crushed rock needed.
  • To prevent injury or worse, Inspection Hatches must be locked at all times other than when maintenance is being conducted. (lock to be supplied by purchaser)