Pure Fresh water

Nothing but pure rainwater

Healthy, pure fresh rainwater is all you get with a Heritage Water Tanks ARMA liner. 100% BPA free, with absolutely no chemical contaminants.

ARMA liners have been certified to Australia’s Drinking Water Guidelines and Australian Standards AS2070 and AS/NZ4020.

What makes our Tank Liner so strong?

Compared to our closest competitors, Heritage Water Tanks ARMA Liner has been independently tested and comes out on top in three critical areas. Shear Strength, Tear Strength and Density.

At Heritage Water Tanks, we never compromise on quality, which is why we provide high quality industrial grade liners for our tanks. Under independent testing conditions, our liners were rated on lineal weight or weight per square meter and were found to weigh 700g/m². This was of particular interest, because our closest competitor’s liner weighed under 500g/m².

The high density of our liner makes it one of the heaviest liners in the Water Tank Industry. Extra weight means extra density. Independent testing proves that our Arma liner is stronger and will last longer than our closest competitors.

Independent Test Results

> Arma Liner (700gsm)
Minimum tensile properties
> Tensile properties (ASTM D 7003)
> Maximum strength (kN/m) 52
> Break strength (N) 1312
> Puncture resistance (ASTM D 4833)
> Puncture strength (N) 1025
> Seam strength (ASTM D 6392)
> Shear strength (N/mm) 57

Liner manufacturing process

Arma Water Tank liner

The Heritage Water Tanks ARMA Liner made up of six layers fused together with a reinforced layer to add extra strength.

During the manufacturing process, the liner is heated into a moult and spread evenly across a table under a roller, which adjusts the thickness and evenness of the liner. What makes the ARMA Liner unique is that once the moult has passed through the rollers and has started to cool, the spreader knife compresses the moult in the layer below. This is why our liner weighs up to 40% more than our closest competitors, but measures the same in thickness. The Heritage Water tanks ARMA Liner is known as an industrial quality liner, due to its density of 700 grams per square meter.

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