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Heritage Water Tanks is a pioneer in the water tank industry and is proudly Australian owned and operated. An icon of the traditional Australian rural outback, large steel water tanks have always been a part of the landscape around farm houses and homes on large and small acreages. Steel water tanks are also increasingly seen in use as Fire Tanks on commercial properties and mine sites throughout the country.

Heritage Water Tanks offers both Corrugated and Streamline profiles, made with 1mm BlueScope ZINCALUME® Steel. Our domestic and rural tanks range from 55,000 Litres to 375,000 Litres and we offer a wide range of COLORBOND® colour options.

Many of our competitors offer tank liners of varying quality and performance. We stand by our Arma liner and have conducted independent testing on our product, providing the confidence you need to make the right choice. Our liner stands out in all three critical measures of durability and strength: liner density, shear strength and tear strength. Our liner also meets the requirements for the Australian Standards Certificate AS 4020.

We also lead the field in innovation and technology advancement in the Water Tank Industry and have developed a unique waterwise gutter system, which allows you to catch additional water from the roof of your tank.

Heritage Water Tanks provides the best value products and are a trusted leader in the Industry. We have been relied upon to provide quality rainwater tanks in every state of Australia for over 15 years.

Our reliable and efficient agents and tank installers are operating in every region in Australia, including remote locations in central and northern Australia. When you need rainwater tanks in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or surrounding regional areas, we can service your needs locally. We also have an extensive network of wholesalers, so no matter where you are, we can provide for your needs.

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