Heritage Water Tanks Shepparton

Heritage Water Tanks proudly supplies premium quality steel water tanks for residential and commercial markets in Shepparton and throughout Victoria. We offer domestic and rural tanks in sizes ranging from 27,000L to 353,000L. As part of our quality promise, we offer a 20-year Pro-Rata Warranty on all of our water tanks.

Choose your profile

You now have a choice of our traditional streamline tank profile or our new corrugated tank profile. Both options are priced the same and have the have the same 1mm BlueScope steel walls and quality liner.

Corrugated Water Tank
Streamline Water Tank

Choose your COLORBOND® colour

We offer you a wide range of colour options for your tank.

Choose your size

We offer you a wide range tank size options, ranging from 27,000L – 353,000L.

StreamlineHeight    CorrugatedHeight    DiameterLitresGallon
HGT 552.31mCT122.27m5.49m55,00012,000
HGT 902.31mCT202.27m7.06m90,50020,000
HGT 1102.31mCT252.27m7.84m111,50025,000
HGT 1352.31mCT302.27m8.63m135,00030,000
HGT 1602.31mCT352.27m9.41m160,50035,000
HGT 2202.31mCT482.27m10.99m220,00048,000
HGT 2502.31mCT552.27m11.77m251,00055,000
HGT 2852.31mCT602.27m12.55m285,00063,000
HGT 3753.45mNANA11.77m375,00082,000

Why are our tanks suited to Victoria?

#1 - Heritage Water Tanks catch more rain

It is predicted that Victoria will experience the effects of climate change through more variable seasons and reduced rainfall in years to come. With this in mind, people living in the Shepparton region will need to be more mindful about water security and water storage solutions.  This is why Heritage Water Tank’s unique gutter system is more important than ever. With our rainwater collection system, which collects water from the roof of your tank, you can save up to 22% of your tank’s volume in additional water each year. Our unique gutter system also prevents scouring around the base of your tank in high rainfall areas, as all of the runoff from the roof of your tank is collected back inside the tank.

#2 - Heritage Water Tanks are Built TUFF

The steel used in the production of our water tanks is a minimum of 1mm thick. This is thicker than the material used by most of our competitors and to a profile designed in consultation with Engineers to provide superior strength and exceptional durability.

With increasingly frequent extreme weather events predicted in the future, the need for a tank that can withstand the elements is vital. Our water tank walls are made from the proven, highly corrosion resistant ZINCALUME® G300, alloy coated, structural steel.

#3 - Heritage Water Tanks Arma Liner

Heritage Water Tanks Arma Liner is manufactured to the highest  standards. We won’t compromise on quality, which is why we provide high quality industrial grade liners for our tanks. Under independent testing conditions, our liners were rated on lineal weight or weight per square meter and were found to weigh 700g/m2. This was of particular interest, because our closest competitor’s liner weighed under 500g/m2.

The high density of our liner material is why Heritage Water Tanks also comes out on top against our main competitors for Weld Shear Strength and Puncture Strength.

Arma Water Tank liner

Heritage Water Tanks in Shepparton

Residents of Shepparton Victoria and the surrounding Goulburn Valley, have trusted our wide range of tanks for all their water storage needs for many years. We have successfully provided water storage solutions to the thriving agriculture sector, including dairies, broad acre and fruit growers, as well as domestically for local builders on new or existing homes. At Heritage Water Tanks Shepparton, we understand the water needs of local Australian communities, which is why we are among the preferred tank manufacturers in and around the Shepparton region today.

Shepparton is situated within one of the largest irrigation areas of Australia. The onus has therefore naturally been on efficient water storage systems to cater to this sector. Rainfall can vary dramatically from month to month and with an average annual rainfall of only 455mm it has become all the more important that people of this regional city take a closer look at the efficient water solutions that we offer at Heritage Water Tanks.

One of the biggest challenges facing the region is the importance harvesting rain water due to the predicted lower rainfall expected over the next fifty years. A hotter, drier climate will have a high economic impact on water supply infrastructure, is why our customers place their trust in Heritage Water Tanks, to capture every drop of available rainwater. We offer a helping hand to you by offering off-scheme options through our intelligent solutions, ask one of our sales consultants about our unique water catching Gutter Technology.

Heritage Water Tanks Seymour offers a huge variety of tanks for a very competitive price. Our extensive experience in the Water Tank Industry means that we will always install your tank quickly and efficiently. At Heritage Water Tanks, we also make a promise on the quality of our product by providing you with a pro-rata 20-year warranty.

Heritage Water Tanks helps you achieve this with its attractive range of COLORBOND® options that help your tank to blend in with its surroundings.

If you are wanting to be Waterwise and save both the environment and money by storing rain water, call Heritage Water Tanks: 1800 115 552.

More information

Contact us  for more information or to request a quote on 1800 115 552 or Email us at

Where we operate

Heritage Water Tanks operate throughout Australia and have supplied quality rainwater harvesting solutions to people in and around the Shepparton region and surrounding areas including:

  • Mooroopna
  • Kialla
  • Kyabram
  • Euroa
  • Dookie
  • Murchison
  • Rushworth
  • Numurkah
  • Tatura
  • Cobram

Local Installers

Heritage Tanks have installed many tanks in the Shepparton region within the residential, semi-rural, rural, agricultural, horticultural, and mining sectors. We pride ourselves on being local, which means we have to become part of each and every community in Australia. Our distributor Total Tanks Victoria, provides excellent service to our customers and install our tanks statewide with pride.

Shepparton Victoria