Waste Water Tanks

Heritage Water Tanks’ range of tanks has been accepted and used by major industrial companies both in Australia and internationally for the specialised storage of waste water.

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Quality and Strength

Heritage Water Tanks will make it a priority to engineer your required water tank to the highest possible Australian Standards. The only way to acheive this is to continually manufacture tanks using nothing but the best materials available.

All custom-made tanks are designed by our engineers to incorporate all your requirements in order to ensure that you receive a water tank that exceeds your expectations in performance and longevity.

Heritage Water Tanks has supplied many open ring tanks for waste water applications. One example is the tank pictured, which was installed at The Water Shed Winery on the banks of the Margaret River in Western Australia.


Waste water storage tanks need liners that are capable of storing various contaminants. Heritage Water Tanks have access to many Quality Liner materials for the safe and practical storage of waste water.

At Heritage Water Tanks we are aware that every job and application is different. So that we can design a Storage Tank to suite your requirements we will take a material sample so that we can match it with the most appropriate liner available.

Each enquiry will be allocated to one of our commercial analysts who are qualified to supply you with the best Heritage Water Tank product available. Our commercial analysts are up to date with with all Australian and International regulations concerning the storage of waste water, treated water and contaminated materials. This will give you confidence in knowing that you are receiving advice from technicians who are experts in their field.

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