Fire Tanks

Heritage Water Tanks’ range of Fire Water Tanks has been accepted and used in Australia and internationally for the storage of water for fire fighting in a wide range of projects.

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Quality and Strength

All of our water tanks are manufactured using the highest quality materials available with the tank walls being profiled rolled using BlueScope Zincalume or Colorbond steel.

Heritage Water Tanks have supplied this 5.75 metre high water tank to fire water tank specifications. This water tank was supplied with 150mm Vortex outlets and 100mm inlets.

Fire Tank Specification

New Australian Standards for tanks constructed for the purpose of fire water storage were introduced in 2011. Heritage Water Tanks specialises in the Fire Tank Industry and can assist you in your fire tank requirements.

Our Liners

The new Australian Standards for Fire Tanks released in 2012 require a specific liner material be used in all these particular tanks. Heritage Water Tanks manufactures its liners to comply with these standards.

Rural Fire Tanks

Heritage Water Tanks have recently completed the installation of 50 rural fire tanks for the RFS in NSW.

Heritage Water Tanks has supplied many rural fire water tanks ranging from large industrial installations through to fire tanks for use by farm houses.

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