Heritage Water Tanks uses a jacking system allowing it to construct tanks up to nearly 8 metres in height without the installation team needing to leave the ground.

Top ring

The series of pictures illustrates the installation process employed by Heritage Water Tanks. Whilst we need to protect the particular details of our construction techniques, these images provide an insight into the lengths to which Heritage Water Tanks will go to ensure worksite safety and the highest level of installation integrity. The top ring including the roof and platform are built on the ground and the liner is also attached at this initial stage.

2nd Ring

Next, the top ring is jacked higher into the air allowing the 2nd ring to be bolted to it without the installation team needing to leave the ground.

3rd Ring

After jacking up the 2nd ring, the 3rd ring is ready for installation. As you can see, the liner continues to unwrap inside the tank.

4th Ring

The jacking system keeps creating space for the next ring without requiring the installers to leave the ground. This ensures a safer working environment.

5th Ring

As per the top 4 rings, the 5th ring is inserted. This is the final ring to be installed.

All Rings Complete

All 5 rings are complete with the jacks still attached. Once the 5th ring is installed the tank is lowered onto the ground and the jacks are removed. As the installation continues, all bolt covers and fittings are attached with no personnel required to leave the ground.


Once all the tank rings have been installed and the tank is bolted down, a crane is used to install an Australian Standards compliant safety ladder.

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