On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme for WA Farmers

The WA Government has recently announced that it will be delivering $4.62 million in rebates for drought-hit livestock farmers to put in new water infrastructure.

Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources David Littleproud said the rebate helps WA’s drought-hit farmers to put in new water infrastructure that improves drought resilience. Under the scheme eligible WA farmers can claim up to a quarter the cost of buying and installing new on-farm infrastructure. The rebate will help farmers be more productive by installing new water infrastructure, while improving drought resilience and addressing livestock welfare needs.

The rebate can be used for putting in new pipes, water tanks, pumps, distilling dams, and power plants that drive the new water equipment. A 25 per cent rebate of up to $25,000 can be claimed on eligible water projects to enhance drought resilience for farmers. The Western Australian rebates are part of the $50 million On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate scheme. The program will be delivered through the WA Department of Agriculture and Food. For more information visit:

If you or anyone you know is experiencing hardship due to drought in rural NSW or Victoria, please visit the links below for more information about what may be available in your area:

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Victoria: For more information please see the On-Farm Infrastructure  Support Grants Progam Guidelines, or visit the Rural Finance website.

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