Streamline and Corrugated water tank profile option!

Heritage Water Tanks is very excited to announce that we have launched a new range of water tanks with an attractive corrugated profile.

Knowing the market as we do, we decided to offer an attractive new option to provide our customers with more choices. We’ve designed this new product with the same superior quality as our traditional Streamline Tank range, including the same 1mm tank wall thickness and liner quality as before. In fact, everything about our new tank, aside from its appearance, is the same as our traditional Streamline product. Heritage Water Tanks unique gutter system is also compatible with this new product.

Our tanks have a 20 year pro-rata warranty. Heritage Water Tanks also have a food grade liner  that is fabricated with a unique multi-layer construction which offers great durability, flexibility and strength. As one of the most critical components of a water tank, they ensure that your water stays fresh, taste-free and protected from contaminants.

Fabricated in-house, using state-of-the-art material and machinery, all tank liners are manufactured to comply with AS4020. Qualified liner fabricators use the latest welding techniques and state of the art machinery to produce liners of the highest quality.

Heritage Water Tanks is an innovator and trailblazer in the water tank industry and is proudly Australian owned and operated. An icon of the traditional Australian rural outback, large steel water tanks have always been a part of the landscape around farmhouses and homes on large and small acreages. Steel water tanks are also increasingly seen in use as Fire Tanks on commercial properties and mine sites throughout the country.

corrugated and Streamline water tank

Our domestic and rural tanks range from 55,000 Litres to 375,000 Litres and we offer a wide range of COLORBOND® colour options. We also lead the field in innovation and technology advancement in the Water Tank Industry and have developed a unique waterwise gutter system, which allows you to catch additional water from the roof of your tank. Heritage Water Tanks provides the best value products and are a trusted leader in the Industry. We have been relied upon to provide quality rainwater tanks in every state of Australia for over 15 years. Our reliable agents and efficient tank installers are operating in every region in Australia, including remote locations in Central and Northern Australia. We also have an extensive network of wholesalers, so no matter where you are, we can provide for your needs.

If you would like more information about our new range of corrugated steel water tanks, please contact us on 1800 115 552, E-mail or visit our website at

Media Release – Corrugated Tank Release