Self-filling Rainwater Tanks

A life-line in the Bungle Bungles WA

The Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park, is one of the most remote and striking geological regions in Western Australia. Most of the roads into this area are rugged tracks that are accessible only by four-wheel-drive vehicles. Access for fire control officers and rangers to a reliable water supply for fire management in areas such as these can be a real challenge and that’s where Heritage Water Tanks has been able to help. We have supplied two specially designed 90,000l low profile rainwater tanks that have been fitted with our unique water collecting Gutter System. The tanks are shorter and wider than our standard range, therefore they have a larger surface area on their roof to catch water. This is important because the tanks are located 30km from the Purnululu Visitor Centre and have no access to adjacent buildings or sheds to harvest water on site. The tanks have been installed since 2014 and are filled each year from annual wet season rains and topped up via solar and diesel powered pumps from a bore in the tourist season. These tanks provide water in the event of fire and also provide a water supply for the two commercially operated tourist camps nearby, as well as the Bellburn Airstrip. Heritage Water Tanks is very proud to be able to provide water tanks that are capable of providing an emergency supply of water in such a remote location and we think that this is pretty special!

Purnulu National park rainwater tanks

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