Testimonial from Rory Wilson, Geelong Vic


“Since installing our 250,000L Heritage Water Tank in 2011, we have been able to turn off town water and have solely relied on our own catchment for all our water usage. We estimate this has saved us at least $500 per annum, supplying not only all our domestic needs but also servicing our 9Ha property- which includes a small cattle herd, over 300 fruit trees, chickens and a huge, almost self sufficient vegetable garden. Any overflow is connected to our dam, from where we can pump back if needed. So far this has not been necessary. All house and shed guttering is connected to the tank, the tank itself provides a further 15% catchment with its efficient roof design.

“We would highly recommend Heritage Water Tanks to anyone – beginning with the amazingly efficient initial set up by very competent installers. It was also extremely good value – water storage for dollar it would be hard to beat.” Rory Wilson, Geelong Vic.

Pine Creek Northern Territory

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