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Get prepared for rain!

La Nina chance is 70% higher than normal

According to the ENSO Outlook produced by the Bureau of Meteorology, the chance of a La Nina weather pattern is 70% higher than normal and has reached alert level.

Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) climatologist Naomi Benger said La Nina could mean a few different things for the Australian region.

“One of them is enhanced rainfall for central, eastern and northern Australia,” she said.

“So while some areas might welcome that bit of extra rain if they’ve been in drought, it can lead to an elevated risk of flooding.”

La Nina events are also associated with heightened risk of cyclones as well as cool daytime temperatures.

“There is generally more cloud and more soil moisture, which means the daytime temperatures could be a little bit lower on average,” Dr Benger said.


Key points:

  • BOM says the chances of a La Nina forming in the coming months is three times more likely than normal
  • La Ninas are associated with wet conditions for Australia but sometimes don’t result in widespread rain
  • How it plays out will depend on the other climate drivers and individual weather systems


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ENSO Outlook – An alert system for the El Niño–Southern Oscillation

BOM declares La Nina alert, with 70pc chance of forming in 2020