About Heritage Water Tanks

When it comes to rain water tanks, Heritage Water Tanks offers you the best choice, at the most competitive price without compromising service or quality.

Heritage Water Tanks are built in Australia by Australians and are at the cutting edge of water tank design and manufacture.

With humble beginnings, Heritage Water Tanks was founded by two country boys who saw the need for superior quality water tanks in Australia and knew how to achieve the very best.

“We knew from our own experiences that there was a huge need for a water tank that was built for the harsh Australian environment.” said Murray Tognela Director of Heritage Water Tanks.

With these simple goals in mind they set out to find suitable materials to design a water tank that was built to last and to perform in the harsh Australian environment.

Mr Tognela explained: “Due to our background we understand better than most where the weaknesses are in modern water tanks and steel thickness is a very important factor. The thickness of our tanks` walls is one of the reasons why people choose our water tanks.”

Another special attribute that sets Heritage Water Tanks apart is the exclusive Heritage Tanks Arma Liner. A water tank liner that is unique in its material design and manufacture, to produce a one-piece water tank liner.

Brian Van Rooyen CEO of Heritage Water Tanks explained that our liners will not delaminate or weaken over time as any joins in the liner are fused together, giving the liner extraordinary durability and strength.

“This is why Heritage Water Tanks can stand by their water tanks and place a 20 year conditional warranty on them,” he said.

Heritage Water Tanks supplies a large network of carefully selected agents throughout Australia. All of our agents have trained installation teams available to install your new water tank and to give you peace of mind in knowing that the tank is being installed by experts.

Both Murray and Brian, have over thirty years of experience in the water tank industry, gained both in Australia and internationally.

Mr Tognela said, “We are very proud that we have had the opportunity to showcase our Australian made water tanks internationally and many people from countries around the globe are now using Heritage Water Tanks for their water storage needs.”

To find out more about Heritage Water Tanks please feel free to contact us on our Free call Number, 1800 115 552 or fill in our request for quote form.

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