Heritage Water Tanks are the premiere rural tank specialists and your number one choice in Australia for steel-liner water tanks. We also offer a range of fittings and optional accessories for your water tank. Be sure to think about what you will need for your tank before ordering, so that you have the correct set-up for your needs from the start.

Heritage Water Tanks come with an access hatch, 50mm brass outlet valve, overflow pipe and a 370mm leaf basket. We also have a range of optional products, such as our innovative water collecting gutter system and an improved level indicator.

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What fittings are included with your water tank?

All Heritage Water Tanks come standard with an overflow pipe, access hatch, 370mm leaf basket and a 50mm outlet valve.

What optional extra's are available

We have a range of optional extra’s for you to choose from including our innovative Water Collecting Gutter System, Gutter Guard, Vermin tank proofing, a Household water pressure Davey water pump, Air Vent, removable ladder and our improved Level Indicator with brass roller.

gutter leafguard_5x4
gutter system_5x4
Davey Pump SJ35-04PC_5x4
Water Tank Vermin Seal_5x4
Level Indicator 5x4
Water Tank Roof Vent_5x4

Fire Fittings

  • Vic CFA $215 – Includes 64mm outlet and ball valve
  • Vic 3 TPI only $90
  • NSW Storz $50
  • WA/NT/QLD & TAS Camlock $34
  • SA Round Thread $50

Vermin Seal

Tank Vermin proofing from $180 to $250 (depending on tank size)

Gutter System

Tank Gutter System up to $1,600 (depending on tank size)

GutterGuard from $450 to $800 (depending on tank size)

Prices for optional fittings and accessories include:

50mm brass inlet threaded $40

50mm brass inlet with internal thread $50

75mm brass outlet threaded $75

100mm brass outlet threaded $150

50mm outlet with metal ball valve $80

75mm outlet with metal ball valve $250

100mm outlet with metal ball valve $350

Anodes $60

100mm overflow pipe $200

Leaf strainer basket $85

Lockable Access Hatch $85

50mm Scour Drain $150

Stainless Steel Leaf Strainer $190

Removable ladder w/brackets* $120

(*Not included for tanks over 2.31m in height)

Original Tank Gutter System from $555 to $750 (depending on tank size)

Gutterguard from $450 to $800 (depending on tank size)

Tank Vermin proofing from $180 to $250 (depending on tank size)

Where to locate your tank

Please be sure to contact us on 1800 115 552 if you have any questions about what water tank fittings would be suitable for your needs.

Innovative Gutter System