Why Choose Heritage Water Tanks?

Bluescope Steel

1. Quality Water Tanks Built to last

Every Heritage Water Tank uses 1mm BlueScope Steel. Other tanks on the market use steel as thin as 0.6mm. The thicker panels in our tank walls are designed for a longer product life and peace of mind for our customers. All our tank walls are made from proven, highly corrosion resistant, alloy coated structural steel. Our profiles have been designed in consultation with engineers, to provide superior strength and exceptional durability.

The Heritage Water Tanks ARMA Fresh Liner is 100% BPA free, with absolutely no chemical contaminants. ARMA Fresh Liners have been certified to Australia’s Drinking Water Guidelines and Australian Standards AS2070 and AS/NZ4020.

Under independent testing conditions, our liners were rated on lineal weight or weight per square meter and were found to weigh 700g/m². This was of particular interest because our closest competitor’s liner weighed under 500g/m². The high density of our liner makes it one of the heaviest liners in the Australian Domestic Water Tank Industry. Extra weight means extra density.

This testing also identified our ARMA Liner as the best in relation to Shear Strength, Tear Strength and Puncture Resistance, compared to the Aqualiner and Infinity liners of our competitors at the time of testing.

2. EvaRain Circular Tank Gutter System

The all-new next generation, Australian designed and manufactured EvaRain Circular Tank Gutter System is unique in its ability to collect close to 100% of the rain from the roof of your rainwater tank, without compromising on the capacity of your tank or the quality of the water collected

Using this system, the water running into your tank is filtered through a mesh screen to help to prevent the entry of debris or leaves into your tank.

The EvaRain Gutter System is being offered for free for all tank purchases from 90,000L. Save up to $1,600 and collect more clean water each year into your water tank.

Different look of tanks

3. Customise the look for your needs

Heritage Water Tanks offers the choice of either a Streamline or Corrugated profile. Understanding that people like choice, we introduced a corrugated tank option that offers an iconic Australian look, with all the same benefits of superior quality and innovative features.

Heritage Water Tanks also offers you a wide range of COLORBOND® colour options including the always popular ZINCALUME® for your water tank walls.