Heritage Hippo Water Tank and Gutter System in Kenya

Water is life! A project based on the fact that without water, nothing else will work!

In September 2015 Brian and John Buckley from the Three Musketeer’s Children’s Fund, went to Kenya and installed two new 100,000L Heritage Water Tanks for Doctors World Wide clinics, as well as refurbishing 5 tanks with new Australian quality liners at schools in the Mwingi district.

The Three Musketeers Children’s Fund is a very special organisation that was set up by Brian and Maria O’Shea to honour the memory of their beloved children, Søren, Saoirse and Connor, who died tragically on the 16th of July 2013 in a car crash in Denmark.

The fund’s aim is to support projects run by established organisations, with a view to improving health, education, safety and education for children in countries where no other alternatives are available to them.

One of their areas of focus is on securing clean water for drinking, as well as for kitchen garden irrigation in remote areas in Kenya and have found that one of the best ways to do this is with rainwater collection and storage.

The rainwater tanks that were installed at the two sites were specially designed to be shorter in height and wider in diameter across the roof area, to ensure that the maximum volume of water could be collected via the tank gutter system.

The Three Musketeers Fund is off again to Africa in the new year to continue the project, aiming to reline a further 12 school water tanks. Organisation founder Brian O’Shea said, “Safe water for these school children is so important, without this the children walk many kilometres a day to collect water and the water is not necessarily safe and the children often miss out on school to collect it.” he said. “We are delighted with the results so far and grateful to everyone who has made this possible.”

Other projects that the three Musketeer’s Children’s Fund support are Days for Girls in Nairobi, Sunrise Childre’s Villages in Cambodia, Helping Gambia and TLC Orphanage in South Africa.

The Three Musketeer’s is a registered charity in Australia and if you would like to support this very worthy cause, please visit their website HERE

Heritage Water Tank in Kenya
Three musketeers tank in Kenya