Health benefits of rainwater

Is it safe to drink rainwater? Well, the short answer is yes! But there is so much more to rainwater including the health benefits. Rainwater is being used for several different reasons throughout the world. Many people collect and use rainwater for irrigation, cleaning or bathing. However, millions of people use rainwater for drinking and cooking. Drinking rainwater is inexpensive and it is the primary water source in areas where people cannot access clean tap water or any other water supplies. The purpose of this article is to cover the health benefits of drinking rainwater.

Rainwater is a cheap and great alternative to tap water and has many health benefits. To begin with, rainwater has no added chemicals. While it is relatively low in mineral content, it is also free of toxins, such as fluoride and chlorine. Despite much debate regarding the health risk of fluoride there is recent studies regarding fluoride’s effect on health, including problems with bones, teeth and neurological development. High amounts of fluoride over time have been linked to both dental fluorosis & skeletal fluorosis. Whilst smaller amounts have been associated with minor skin issues such as acne.

Drinking rainwater can also improve human digestion because of its alkaline pH content. Rainwater has the same pH as distilled water, so it helps to neutralize our blood pH levels and promotes stomach functions.

Rainwater is known to be very beneficial for healthy skin and hair. The alkaline pH in rainwater helps to maintain the skin’s natural elasticity and moisture, while also supporting healthy hair. Washing hair with rainwater makes our hair stronger and promotes hair growth. It is advised to take a bath in rainwater occasionally in order to enjoy its health benefits on our skin and hair.

Rainwater due to its pH level, works well with soap, thus its often recommended for face and body washes over regular tap water. Applying rainwater on our skin is efficient in preventing acne and removing dirt.

Rainwater is also known for helping to reach peace within your mind in eastern cultures. This theory originates thousands of years ago, reflecting on natural rainwater as the source of life. Some eastern philosophy gurus will only drink rainwater and claim that by doing so helps them reach consistent mental clarity that we can experience when meditating, participating in acupressure, exercising or snorkeling.

Now not only is rainwater beneficially for us humans, but plants also have huge biological value from rainwater! No, it’s not an old wives tale, rainwater has been proven to better help from plants than water from a hose. What makes rainwater so much more viable for plant life isn’t the fact its chemical free, with no traces of chlorine, salts, fluoride and other unnatural chemicals that are harmful to plants. Nope, it’s all about what is in it and that’s nutrients.

So how is rainwater formed? Basically, evaporation occurs within the oceans and inland bodies of water, moisture condenses, collects sulfur and rain occurs. It’s within this process that rainwater collects essential nutrients needed for the formation of plant amino acids.

Rainwater has a high nitrogen composition, a key component in chlorophyll, the essential ingredient for the process of photosynthesis! Also, when lightning strikes during a rainstorm, it causes the nitrogen in the atmosphere to combine with the hydrogen, this creates a critical fertilizer for plants that is carried by rain into the earth’s soil.

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