Heritage Water Tanks Gutter System achieves Smart Approved WaterMark Product Status

Heritage Water Tanks has developed a revolutionary patented water collecting Gutter System, which enables our customers to collect additional water each year from their rainwater tank roof.

The Gutter System was recently recognised by the Smart Approved WaterMark Program, which is an international water efficiency scheme that certifies products and services that save water.

The Heritage Water Tanks Gutter System has been in the marketplace for 10 years and has collectively increased our customer’s combined capacity to collect up to 76,225,000 litres of additional rainwater each year. This is the equivalent to over 30 Olympic swimming pools of extra water collected.

In order to achieve recognition, the Gutter System product was scrutinised by an independent Technical Expert Panel, against the following criteria:
1. Water Saving
2. Fit for Purpose
3. Compliance with Regulations and Standards
4. Environmentally Sustainable

The Smart WaterMark Program is the outdoor sister scheme to the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards scheme (WELS) and our Gutter System now stands side by side with other respected water saving products such as the Hunter MP Rotator and RainBird Irrigation Controllers.

The circular tank gutter system can be optionally fitted onto your Heritage Water Tank when your new tank is installed. The gutter can also be fitted to all existing steel tanks with a profiled roof and can be done easily D.I.Y, or by a plumber or tank installer.

This innovative system has provided customers with the capability to harvest up to an additional 25,000l per year of rainwater for each tank installed. (Based on a 110,000l rainwater tank in a 500mm annual rainfall zone.)

If you are prone to running out of water each year, the alternative is to buy this volume of water commercially, at a potential cost in excess of $1000 per year. This avoided expenditure would more than cover the one-off cost of purchasing the gutter system in its first year.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly in relation to the use of the Gutter System in situations where there is limited roof catchment area available for water harvesting. The Gutter System has increased the capacity of numerous customers, enabling them to harvest additional water for their homes, water for stock, fire storage water, spray water on farms and in Commercial operations.

Samantha and Brett Harnett from Roelands in South West WA had a Gutter System fitted when their 127,000L rainwater tank was installed way back in 2009 and it’s still going strong with minimal maintenance. Samantha said about the Gutter System, “We’ve definitely collected more water with the Gutter System installed, which is great as we never run out and have confidence that we would still have a good amount of water available in the event that we had to face a bushfire.”

If you are interested in finding out more about how the gutter system works, please give our friendly Sales Team a call on our free-call number 1800 115 552 and they can talk to you about whether a Gutter System would be suitable for your situation. You can also find out how much extra water you could, potentially harvest each year using our simple online calculator below.

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