Gutter System creates an innovative solution for Ravenshoe farmer.

Ravenshoe Water Tanks

The Situation

Farmers in the North Queensland Atherton Tablelands area, reliant on surface water allocations from the Tinnaroo Dam catchment had their irrigation allocations reduced by 60% in 2017 and water restrictions have been imposed on domestic water users. This situation has arisen as a resulted of lower than expected inflows into the catchment and is likely to be a more frequent scenario in the future, due to climate variability in the region. Groundwater is also very hard to access in some areas, with no new licences being made available in the Atherton Groundwater Management area in the foreseeable future. This situation has made access to water for some farmers very constrained in the Tablelands, due to the need to protect the catchment from over extraction.

The Solution

Heritage Water Tanks was very proud to have helped a farmer recently to find an alternative water supply solution for his commercial irrigation needs in Ravenshoe, in the Atherton Tablelands area. The customer had identified an isolated site on his property where he needed to install a water supply for irrigation purposes. The site was on a hillside and had no suitable outbuildings adjacent to the site to provide a roof catchment area for harvesting water. The farmer also did not have access to either a Sun Water Surface Water Allocation, access to a  bore supply and no access to power. The property is located in an area with a significant average rainfall of up to 2,500mm each year and the expected water demand required for his drip irrigation system needs was calculated to be in the order of 500,000L per year. It was also determined that the optimal tank arrangement would be 2 x 250,000L tanks, installed using a water collecting gutter system on the roof of the water tanks. This patented system is unique to Heritage Water Tanks and will have the capacity to harvest over 500,000L per year from the roof of the tanks, which was determined to be sufficient for the customer’s production needs. Similar systems used on properties located in high rainfall zones could also potentially be used for providing a fire-fighting water supply to remote or isolated sites, particularly in locations with limited (or no) surface areas for water harvesting.

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