How do the water tanks work?

Our water tanks work on a simple water harvesting principle. In addition to the tank being used as a storage device, you can also run your roof gutters into the tanks to harvest rain water run-off. A new exclusive design accessory is the Gutter Technology System. Click to find out more.

Are your water tanks engineer certified?

All of our water tanks are fully engineer certified and designed to comply with all current local government bylaws and requirements. A full Engineer Certificate is available, should your shire require it.

What are the walls of the water tank made of?

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Our water tanks` attractive steel wall is roll-formed in our factory using only BlueScope ZINCALUME or COLORBOND steel sheeting. The tank walls are made from steel that is a minimum of 1mm thick unless otherwise stated. Heritage Water Tanks uses steel that is thicker than that used by most of our competitors. Click for more information.

What is my responsibility before the tank is installed?

Make sure all building plans and shire bylaws have been adhered to and that the sand pad has been prepared as per our pre-installation instructions. Click to find out more.

What do I need to have organised on the day of installation?

You need to organise a load of water to be put into the tank (usually approximately 10,000 litres. This will depend on the size of the water tank to be installed and whether the site is level or not. Let us know if you are unable to arrange this and we will organise and charge accordingly. Finally, you need to have the final payment for your new Heritage Water Tank available once installation is complete. Click for more information.

What warranty is the water tank supplied with?

Heritage Tanks come with a 20-year conditional warranty on all domestic water tanks. Click for more information.

Gutter Information

The all-new Australian designed and Manufactured gutter, uses BlueScope® or COLORBOND® steel and enables you to collect almost 100% of the rain off your tank roof without compromising the capacity of your tank. Click for more information.

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