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World First Tank Gutter Technology

The all-new next generation, Australian designed and manufactured EvaRain Circular Tank Gutter System is unique in its ability to collect close to 100% of the rain from the roof of your rainwater tank, without compromising on the quality of the water collected.

Using this system, the water running into your tank is filtered through a mesh screen to help to prevent the entry of debris or leaves into your tank.

Having a farming background, Heritage Water Tanks Director Murray Tognela, is acutely aware of the need to effectively conserve and store good quality water and it was because of this that the concept for the Gutter System was realised.

The Gutter System is like no other product on the market and has been registered to receive a Patent via IP Australia.

The new system has the benefit of being able to flush the first rains from the roof of the tank, via a specially designed inlet system and incorporates a series of inlet fittings with a sump and mesh filter system.

Simply by turning the filter mechanism to the 'off' position, the first rains can manually and simply be directed outside of the tank, to ensure that no small debris or leaves can enter.

Our tanks are supplied with a free access hatch, 50mm brass outlet with ball valve, overflow pipe and a 370mm leaf basket as standard. The upgrade kit includes the new gutter, external ladder and extra 50mm brass with outlet ball valve.

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Australian patent application 2019903359

When the first rains have passed and your tank roof is clear, the filter can then be switched back to engage with the inlet valve and divert rain back inside, ensuring that none of your precious rainwater is wasted.

The system will collect up to 25,000L of additional water each year, depending on the rainfall zone in which you live. (Based on a 110,000L tank and an average 500mm rainfall)

Benefits of the EvaRain Gutter System

The optional EvaRain System protects your water supply by screening the water before it enters your tank via the gutter.

The System incorporates a flushing system, to allow you to flush any accumulated dust, and leaves with the first rains and divert them to storm-water.

Your tank water quality can be further protected by installing our Optional Tank Roof Seal. Another option is the Gutter Guard, which will minimise leaves from entering your tank. These accessories will provide additional protection from debris getting into the tank via the gutter or under the roof corrugations.

Managing Your EvaRain System

Gutter System Harvest Calculator

With the Gutter System installed on your water tank, you can harvest almost all of the rainfall from the roof of your tank. Your tank will fill by the amount of rain that your receive. i.e. if you have 20mm of rain, the tank will fill by 20mm.

Using an example of a 100,000 litre tank (7.8m diameter), in a rainfall area of 750mm per year, you will collect up to an extra 35,000 litres each year. This can equate to three tank loads of water per year. The alternative is to buy this water commercially, with a potential cost in excess of approximately $1,500 per year (depending on the area where you live). This would more than cover the one-off cost of purchasing the gutter system itself.

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Vermin Tank Seal

Heritage Water Tanks uses a polyurethane foam product that creates a seal between the top of the tank wall and the roofing sheets. Under compression the product fills the
space created by the corrugations of the tanks roof steel. This creates a weather-proof seal that prevents dust and insects from entering your tank. The vermin seal is quickly and easily installed during the construction of your tank and can be retrofitted to most tanks if required.

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