EvaRain Gutter System

Protecting your water supply after bushfire

Evarain Gutter System

As we approach another fire season in the Southern parts of Australia, water security and the storage of clean potable water is front of mind for many.

One of the vastly overlooked complications of bushfire season is water contamination as a result of soot and ash settling on the roof of homes and tanks following a fire event, which can have an impact even if the property is not directly hit by a fire front.

The EvaRain Gutter System is uniquely designed to manage this problem, as both the tank Gutter System and any other roof plumbing systems can be disconnected until they are cleaned or after opening rains. Water entering the EvaRain system is also screened via mesh filters, which are attached to the inlet fittings.

Heritage Tanks Australia’s EvaRain Tank Gutter System was recently selected as a finalist in the Australian Water Association’s annual WA Water Awards for 2020.

The product was entered into the Research and Development category, which recognises projects that challenge current practices and address the need for a sustainable future.

The finalists were required to demonstrate how their project or product contributed towards the conservation and better use of water resources in Australia.

Whilst it was not the ultimate winner in this category, being chosen as a finalist was a great acknowledgement of this innovative new product.

The EvaRain Tank Gutter System was launched in mid-January 2020 this year. The product has the benefit of saving up to 25,000L of additional water each year for each tank installed (Based on the assumption that it is fitted to a 110,000L tank in a 500mm rainfall zone).

Mr Tognela said he was very proud of the success of the innovative system and noted that being a finalist in the WA Water Awards provided great validation and recognition of the efforts invested by the Heritage Water Tanks Team.

Mr Tognela said he was, “Acutely aware for the need for Australian farmers to make the best of every drop of rain.

“In the development of this product, our goal was to make sure farmers and landowners throughout Australia were armed with the ability to make the very most of their annual rainfall and harvest the maximum volume of high-quality water each year.”


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