Testimonial from Darren, Bullsbrook WA


“Keep Heritage Water Tanks in mind whenever you’re in need of a new tank and installation. They’re great quality tanks, made to last a lifetime and have a better design than the usual water tanks, allowing better catchment of water. No water is wasted with these tanks and they are well worth every cent. A range of sizes are My first water tank was a disaster as I felt that all tanks would be equal after all it’s just steel and a liner RIGHT , so I purchased one from a company that I now realize seem to change their name every few years well how wrong could I have been , so anyway it failed and Heritage came to the rescue with a new liner which has been great , so a few years later I got them to install a complete tank which has been perfect up until some recent earthworks which saw a star picket go through the tank , I made a call to Heritage simple for advice on how to repair it , what I received was beyond the call of duty at no charge , guys I hope you get more than your fair share of the water tank business in Perth as you truly deserve it.” Darren, Bullsbrook Western Australia.

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