A tale of survival from Nerriga NSW

With so many catastrophic bushfires impacting so many communities in Australia this season, we’re glad to share this story of survival from a rural property near Nerriga in NSW.

Nerriga Bushfires

Surviving tank with burnt 44 Gal drum in background

Poly Tank burnt site

Poly tank with only steel valve remaining in ash

Chris and Lesley considered themselves very fortunate that their property was spared from more major damage in recent weeks, after a catastrophic fire event swept through their property. The worst fire storm they had ever experienced, a ferocious Pyrocumulus fire raced through their property, reaching the top of the gum tree canopy surrounding their house.

The family had sensibly prepared their property and had evacuated before the fire front went through, managing to save many of the resident koalas living on the property before they left. When they returned, they were most relieved to discover that their home and shed, along with their Heritage Water Tank and horse stables were also remarkably still standing.

Unfortunately, however, where their Poly tank had stood, there was nothing more than a pile of ashes, with only a metal valve left to show that it had ever been there. Before they evacuated, they had also managed to clear away most of the leaves and debris from the perimeter around their concrete and steel home, the design and structure of which, they believe played a big part in why it sustained such minimal damage from the fire.

Chris commented that he couldn’t express enough how impressed he was with his steel water tank and was so happy that they had the forethought to purchase a steel constructed tank for their main household supply. “Even if you have to pay a little bit extra at the start, it is just so worth it,” he said.

“Our Heritage Water Tank came out looking fabulous, there was a 44gal drum near to the tank, which used to be green and white. This was on the side of the tank where the radiant heat from the fire came from. We had approximately 30 tonnes of logs stacked up for firewood processing about 4m from this drum. We couldn’t move this pile in time, as I was off at other locations with the RFS trying to prevent it from reaching homes and making its way to Nerriga.

“When we arrived in the fire truck, the radiant heat was so intense I thought it would have damaged the tank, but it all looked really good. The tank was full to the top. I also had a 25,000 litre poly tank that I had filled to the top. This tank was approximately 30 meters from the flames but didn’t stand a chance. I certainly would never put a poly tank next to a house in a rural setting in future

“I will be recommending that everyone buys a steel Heritage tank in future and will also be letting them know to make sure they are full prior to fire season kicking off.”


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