50,000 Litre Water Tanks

Looking for a 50,000 litre water tank for a domestic, rural or commercial purpose? Heritage Water Tanks can help.

We are an Australian-owned company which specialises in premium quality steel water tanks for any application. Our focus is on durability and products which are made to last.

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Is a 50,000l tank right for you?

A 50,000 litre water tank is relatively small for domestic water storage. The average family of four in rural Australia would typically need a 90,000-litre water tank as a minimum, however, this would increase if they wanted to use water for garden irrigation or for recreational use such as for a swimming pool. A 50,000 litre tank would be well suited to a household wanting to supplement an existing water supply, or as a holding tank for bore or surface water. Many households already connected to mains water practise water conservation methods such as rainwater harvesting as they like the taste and quality of rainwater. Rainwater can also be used for offsetting scheme water use, by plumbing your water tank into your house supply, so that you can use it to flush toilets and for laundry use.

A 50,000 litre tank might also suit a smaller household with perhaps less than three residents, particularly in areas with high rainfall and in areas with a higher number of rainy months in an average year. To find out which tank size is suited to you, you will need to determine how much water you require throughout the year. Call our sales team for advice on 1800 115 552 and they will guide you through the process of how to work this out. Heritage Water Tanks nearest product is 55,000 litres or 12,000 gallons, which is our smallest tank because steel tanks are best suited to sizes above 50,000 litres.

Steel vs poly for larger tanks

Heritage tanks are made from steel, which is a cheaper option (in terms of cost-per litre) than poly. particularly for larger water storage tanks. Steel water tanks are also easier to transport, as they can be flat-packed and don’t need to be wide-load escorted to site. Steel tanks are also much stronger and longer lasting than plastic tanks. Heritage Water Tanks are also UV and corrosion resistant.

Other benefits of a Heritage Water Tank

Steel tanks are more hygienic than plastic tanks, which are prone to heat the water, which can lead to problems with algae and bacteria growth. Steel tanks are also cleaner than below-ground concrete tanks, which can be vulnerable to run-off and seepage from sewers, agriculture, and gross litter pollution. Our ARMA Tank Liner is made from very strong materials and is also free from any chemicals and BPA’s which could contaminate your drinking water.
An optional extra feature of Heritage Water Tanks is the newly developed gutter system which captures the water which falls on the tank roof. This otherwise wasted water is added to the rainwater collected from your roof run-off and significantly increases the potential water harvested each year. With the gutter system, a guard can be installed to keep off leaves and debris from collecting in your tank. In the current climate, water conservation is a sensible move to make. Think ahead and be prepared with a Heritage Water Tank.

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