200,000 Litre Water Tanks

Looking for a 200,000 litre water tank for a domestic, rural or commercial purpose? Heritage Water Tanks can help.

We are an Australian-owned company which specialises in premium quality steel water tanks for any application.

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Is a 200,000L tank right for you?

200,000 litre tanks are commonly used for water harvesting and storage solutions, whether domestic or commercial. However, they have also been used to store drinking water for fire water supply and to store water required for dust suppression systems. Tanks of this size are also commonly used for irrigation storage within production nurseries, garden centres and sports centres.

At Heritage Water Tanks, we have tanks from 17,000l to 375,000l. For tanks supplying a capacity of 200,000l or more, our closest option is the 215,333l effective capacity tank. Our sales advisers are happy to help you work out which size tank is best for your individual needs.

Why choose Heritage Water Tanks?

Rainfall levels are declining all around the country, so there’s never been a better time to start capturing every single drop. Our tanks utilise patented Gutter Technology, which captures all the rainfall that falls onto the roof of your tank. Based on 500mm of rainfall, this means that 1/5 of your tank’s volume can potentially be harvested directly from the roof.

We also use ARMA Fresh Liners, which are certified to Australian Standards AS2070 and AS/NZ4020. As well as being 100% BPA free, compliance with AS/NZ4020 also means our tanks don’t support the growth of microorganisms or affect the appearance or taste of the water.

The great features don’t just end there. Every single one of our water tanks uses 1mm Australian BlueScope Steel, making them up to 20% thicker than many alternative options on the market. The walls of the tanks are also manufactured using alloy-coated structural steel, which is highly corrosion resistant.

Choose between streamline and corrugated 200,000 litre water tanks

Heritage Water Tanks is the only manufacturer in Australia to offer streamline and corrugated options. We understand that people like choice, which is why we introduced our corrugated tank. It has a true Australian look but maintains the innovative features and superior quality of our streamline tank.

Heritage Water Tanks can be easily transported flat packed to a diverse range of sites. This is not always the case for Poly tanks which can be awkward to transport. Bluescope Steel tanks are also much stronger, more fire resistant and longer lasting than Poly tanks, because they are made from premium quality, corrosion resistant materials. In fact, Heritage steel water tanks come with a 20-year warranty whereas many Poly tanks only have a 10 to 15 year warranty..

What’s more, customers can choose either corrugated or streamline profile designs for their tanks, along with a range of COLOURBOND® colour options to ensure that the tank looks good in its surroundings.

Water conservation is more important than ever in Australia, with many regions experiencing drier than ever conditions. Investing in quality water storage solutions to guarantee future water security is a very smart move. To speak to our sales team about the right water tank size for you, call us now on our free-call number 1800 115 552.

Other advantages of Heritage Water Tanks

With declining rainfall around Australia, it has never been so important to ensure that you have water security, by investing in adequate water storage facilities. To find out how much water you will be able to collect from your roof, first find out the average annual rainfall in mm in your area. Multiply this by the number of square metres on your roof. 1mm of rain on one square metre of roofing gives you 1 litre of water catchment. See our Rainwater Harvest Calculator HERE.


Heritage Water Tanks also have an innovative water collecting gutter option. This can be installed as an optional extra, in order to help you to collect rainwater falling onto your tank’s roof, thereby capturing considerably more rainfall than standard tanks. The new Rainwater Harvesting Gutter Technology was designed and manufactured in Australia using BlueScope or COLORBOND® Steel. This unique system allows you to collect 100% of the rain falling on your tank roof without compromising its capacity. SEE MORE

If you would like to talk to one of our Sales Advisors about our water tank sizes and capacities, Please call 1800115552

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