100,000 Litre Water Tanks

Looking for a 100,000 litre water tank for a domestic, rural or commercial purpose? Heritage Water Tanks can help.

We are an Australian-owned company which specialises in premium quality steel water tanks for any application.

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Is a 100,000L tank right for you?

A 100,000 litre water tank is commonly the size that is often recommended by Local Government for domestic household supply in rainfall zones of between 700-800mm/year. If your rainfall is lower, or unreliable, you may need a tank with greater capacity. The amount of water you can capture each year is also affected by your available roof catchment area. The amount of water you require daily during the dry months of the year also significantly impacts on the size of tank you will need, particularly if you have high irrigation requirements or own a swimming pool. Our sales advisers can help you to work out which size tank is best suited for your individual needs. Heritage Water Tanks offers a 90,500 Litre/ 20,000 Gallon tank or a 111,500 Litre / 25,000 Gallon tank. You also have the option of choosing from corrugated and streamline profile designs and a range of COLOURBOND® colours.

Why a Heritage Steel Water tank is the better choice for larger volumes

Poly tanks are more expensive than steel tanks in cost per litre terms, especially for tanks larger than 24,000 litres. This is because Poly tanks are more problematic to transport, whereas Heritage Steel tanks can be transported to site flat-packed. Poly tanks are also not as strong and durable as Steel. Many only have a 10-year warranty as opposed to the Heritage Steel tank 20-year warranty. We know our tanks will stand the test of time, being thicker and made from superior materials which are corrosion resistant. Heritage Water Tanks have an industrial quality ARMA liner which is free from BPA’s and chemical contaminants. The liners comply with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and Standards and are also stronger than many competitors liners, where they perform better on Weld Shear Strength and Puncture Strength.

Other advantages of Heritage Water Tanks

With declining rainfall around Australia, it has never been so important to ensure that you have water security, by investing in adequate water storage facilities. To find out how much water you will be able to collect from your roof, first find out the average annual rainfall in mm in your area. Multiply this by the number of square metres on your roof. 1mm of rain on one square metre of roofing gives you 1 litre of water catchment. See our Rainwater Harvest Calculator HERE.


Heritage Water Tanks also have an innovative water collecting gutter option. This can be installed as an optional extra, in order to help you to collect rainwater falling onto your tank’s roof, thereby capturing considerably more rainfall than standard tanks. The new Rainwater Harvesting Gutter Technology was designed and manufactured in Australia using BlueScope Zincalume® or COLORBOND® Steel. This unique system allows you to collect 100% of the rain falling on your tank roof without compromising its capacity. SEE MORE

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